Financial Literacy With 123 Triangle

Roy Alame
2 min readMar 31, 2021

Managing personal finances is an important part of adult life. Unfortunately, many school-age children do not learn this valuable life skill as part of their school education. Roy Alame, a prominent private wealth advisor and financial educator, has created a program to instruct young people on essential financial literacy skills. Called 123 Triangle, hosted by Roy Alame, the program is an extension of the Triangle Financial Academy.

Topics covered in the 123 Triangle program include:

  • How to Buy Your First Car
  • Learning to Maximize Your Credit Score
  • How to be a Millionaire
  • Taking the Next Steps to Financial Security

The program breaks down complex financial strategies into a format that is easily learned and retained. For example, when planning to buy a first car, Roy’s program instructs young people to invest 10% of everything they earn, whether that is allowance money, first job funds, monetary gifts, or other income. Over time, this simple strategy accumulates the funds needed to make a car purchase.

Managing and maximizing credit scores is a crucial aspect of financial literacy. First, the program provides information on what credit scores are, how they are calculated, and why this figure is important. Credit scores compile information like payment histories, credit card utilization, debt to income ratios, and any negative marks from creditors such as missed or late payments. The 123 Triangle program offers an easy step-by-step method to build a credit history and to create a track record of credit utilization that creditors will use to determine an individual’s creditworthiness.

Investing for the future is perhaps the most important financial move a person will make. The earlier one starts, the longer that funds will accumulate interest in retirement accounts and similar financial assets. By investing as little as $100 a year, one can amass a sizable retirement fund — even reaching the level of a millionaire by the time retirement age is reached.

The 123 Triangle program is accessible online or in person. Roy Alame is passionate about helping others learn essential financial skills as they establish the strategies needed to ensure financial security for life.



Roy Alame

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